Saturday, March 28, 2015

My burning heart 4 Jesus: My testimony

A friend invited me to post a video of my testimony. I hope
and pray that it is a blessing to someone. Our testimony is a letter
from Jesus Christ to the world. We are living proof that He is alive and
He is real. By the blood and the Lamb and by the words of our
testimony, we will defeat the enemy. (2 Corinthians 3:2-3 and
Revelation 12:11) Please like the video and share it.

CHALLENGE to my readers/followers: If you say you believe, follow and love Jesus
Christ, record a video and post it up. Also, pray about it. It's not hard. I picked a couple
verses that I felt would go with my testimony and I talked about who I
was before Jesus, how I came to know Jesus, and how my life is now with
Jesus. Message me if you need help or prayer.

**UPDATE** I forgot to mention that on May 5, 2013 I was BAPTIZED. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A small note about tithing

The Lord broke down tithing to me a little bit more and I thought I would share it with you all.

When we tithe, we should do it out of obedience because obedience is a demonstration of our love to our Heavenly Father. You get to keep 90 percent of what we earned at work and 10 percent would be a good place to start in tithing. Now, some people nowadays cant afford 10 percent. Give what you can but give it with a cheerful heart. God can do a WHOLE lot more with the 10 percent or whatever you decided in your heart to give then you ever could imagine towards ministry. God doesn't want your sacrifices or your money, He wants your obedience and for you to give cheerfully. Submitting to God only benefits the submitter. For example, paying tithes keeps the doors of your church open, the lights on and the AC blowing in the summer and pays the staff and the Pastor. We also demonstrate love for the people He has created and concern for their salvation. How? When that broken hearted person walks into church seeking the Lord to fix their broken life and salvation from their sins. If it weren't for people tithing at my church, who knows who or what I would be right now. Thank God Almighty that my church was open because it literally was my last hope. If the church cant stay open, then where will they go? The bar? The strip joint? A casino? A drug dealer? Think about the impact we would make if we were obedient. Tithing helps complete the Great Commission and also helps usher in the Kingdom of God. If a church misuses the funds that sin is on THEM, not on you, the tither. Be faithful and the Lord will bless you.